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Jon Garfunkel February 24, at Honestly, bad faith all around from you once again — can you never concede such a thing as news judgement, and the freedom of the media to cover it without fear or favour?! Perhaps embarrassing the Army over one relatively-little-oops by some frustrated elements in Army is not worth rocking boat given the stakes, diplomatically so-to-speak.

What else is there to tell? But when you add up all those little things, I do wonder if she was targeted by regime elements. From Egyptians on Twitter came a stream of reports that harassment had almost totally subsided:. Online hd xxx. I guess it just has some large echos of the classic reaction when a woman has been assaulted. Lara logan naked pictures. One of my degrees is heavily centered on research and analysis and the other is related to publishing. Logan recounted that after an hour of reporting she was attacked and sexually assaulted by a crowd of men, who were reportedly spurred on by someone erroneously shouting that Logan was Jewish.

As for CBS, they handled it the best they could. Obviously, the less serious her physical injuries, the better. If we could concisely excerpt relevant edits at issue, rather than submit a barrage of full diffs, it would be easier to get arguments and points across and consensus be found. This deteriorates the editing environment and distracts from productive discussion focused on improving the article. The top I saw her with is the same as in the well-known picture, taken —it looks so— just before all this started.

Capehart could have used his column to point out how common brutality toward female journalists is. Ione skye nude pics. What more can they do now? But neither is Lara Long in your hands, nor truth in journalism, for that matter. We may never know with certainty whether the regime was targeting a reporter or whether it was simply - and savagely - a criminal mob. And that includes their coverage of sexual assault. Of course, had it happened in Madison, charges would have been filed with the police, and an investigation would have been undertaken, and the story would grown.

An anonymous source for details of a sexual assault in a BLP is not unacceptable. That is feel badly about this reporter being sexually assaulted and demand that she give a detailed statement of her attack to prove that she was sexually assaulted.

People who say this want the lurid details. However, Youtube and some Arab Websites are offering some further claimed shocking details not reported by the U. Security guy who was part of his team — and probably sticks out like sore thumb — tries to fight his way into crowd and gets his hand broke for the effort.

People like her give me hope for humanity. Planet of the Apes? Something very bad happened to Lara Logan, something much worse than what the witnesses saw as described.

Some are looking for authorities which at that point is the Army, others try following Lara Logan and finding her. I could understand American journalists circling the wagons around one of their own accounting for the quiet, and the Arab ones wanting to kind of forget the whole thing given the bad images it conveys.

These details are even worse than what CBS originally claimed. Gonzo xxx porn sex. Views Read Edit View history. Cuz it didn't happen.

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Others take advantage of it for the purpose of spreading their name. I'm curious, can someone show me the headline that states that Lara Logan was raped? However, I think the "clueless and unhelpful" statement should probably stay. Cum tits pic. The over inflated treats with a paranoid jingoistic narrative is becoming the main trait of US Media.

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Jon Garfunkel February 22, at 7: Your last roughly on-topic, non-self-obsessed post was the one you left at 5: McInyre said it was "clueless and unhelpful" for her to compare McCrytal's service record with Hastings', while Davis called Logan's approach in the matter "low", and Greenwald said that by furiously mentioning Hastings lack of miltary background, Logan had dropped her "neutral journalist mask.

That is interesting observation because Egyptian Government which at that point was Army more-or-less knew she was going and was apparently going to alert elements in Egypt to her arrival. But the absence of such footage is peculiar given the zillion widgets recording video. We can only hope this is what we get. During the revolution there were no reports of sexual harassment until Mubarak thugs and secret police dressed in civilian clothes started mingling with the demonstrators and started attacking the demosntrators and harassing women.

You did say she seemed in control and unafraid but you also said she was being dragged and pushed. Oh, and are able to rough it in the wilderness, as well — or in her case a war zone.

Obviously frustrating for you to stumble on a group not interested in your puerile, narcissistic, inapropos blather. The circumstances in this case necessitate a frank and swift accounting of what happened.

Why do they feel they need to educate us on the inevitability of rape? I want to know what happened. And I know that many there hope for the same. Lara logan naked pictures. Froggy style position. She might talk about it at sometime in the future, but not now. They began pulling her body in different directions, pulling her hair so hard she said it seemed they were trying to tear off chunks of her scalp. I'm not saying that's what you're doing, just explaining why I'm annoyed that people are focusing on it.

Logan is an interesting woman because her intrepidness as a journalist is quite obviously motivated, in part, in counterweight to her attractive appearance. No jacket, no khaki pants she was meant to be on your screen neatly dressed.

This deteriorates the editing environment and distracts from productive discussion focused on improving the article. This tells me that this story is more accurate than you want to believe.

She was then hospitalized for days. I recommend that you do a little reading about the psychological effects of attacks such as this one. However, Youtube and some Arab Websites are offering some further claimed shocking details not reported by the U. Even if that were the case that would be enough. Wcw nitro girls naked. Show 25 25 50 All. Jeet rape is not a "problem in certain parts of the world", it is a problem in all parts of the world.

Pull some rods and such, miss that whole radio-bullet before it hits. I would appreciate it if those who are requesting that further information be added to the article propose specific wordings, so the rest of us can tell what you actually want "kept".

I've added back a properly sourced contrib from another user. As a woman, I can admire her looks, but it literally was her voice that drew me to the television.

CBS says that it released a statement only because they learned that other news outlets were going to report on this. Notify me of new posts by email. For those interested there is a discussion involving this article at the WP: In fact, given a choice between spending an evening with you and a marauding mob of sexual deviants in Cairo, I am sure she would choose the marauding mob of sexual deviants every time.

Taking precautions and undergoing training can indeed be helpful and should be part of a comprehensive plan but they should not take precedence in importance over dealing with the real perpetrators of rape- men who seek control and who have no respect for women.

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And yes, it would have been so much better for her to have had the story about what happened in Tahrir Square come to light through second and third party sources and from the perspectives you mentioned. CBS said it remained unclear whether the attackers were from the regime targeting a reporter, or whether it was simply a criminal mob. Bba shower hour video. Not to mention bound to be convincing! I believe it is their professional duty to clarify what exactly happened.

CBS said this claim, though false, was a 'match to gasoline. Lara logan naked pictures. Anyways on footage, there were hundreds of media-outlets there, to say nothing of the thousands and thousands of cellphones undoubtedly snapping away and recording movies.

I wonder if a large part of the negative reaction to the news of Logan's attack doesn't stem from resentment at her astonishing success—a success that in all honesty doesn't seem entirely earned on her merits. In the grand scheme of this womans life, what was being shouted or not as she was assaulted is hardly going to be remembered or remarked upon.

I was referring to the other content and sources that were deleted. Everyone else being quiet? She could have been walking around naked, and that wouldn't make what was done to her any less wrong.

Am I missing something?

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