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Every so often I will ship you cute personalized gifts as a thank you. You stalk them seeing them have fun, making more money, getting attention, going to cons, having friends, living on social media while your just here…. Nude girls covered in mud. Anyone with a brain knows it's her since she posted screenshots from her own phone of texts she got but her fans the few who arent bots she purchased are dumb as fucking rocks.

Scared at first, she was caught surprise by how fun conventions were and she was immediately hooked. Because she lost the abusive boyfriend and gained self respect. Kay bear nude. Remember she's only been doing cosplay for a few years and was going to college unlike the losers posting here lol.

Plus she's so racist I don't think she'd touch a terrorist. Offering exclusive content not available on Pornhub. That's ironic considering her patreon is a scam Charges weekly and doesn't even post lol. No one even mentioned this person. Naked girls reading nashville. I don't understand half of what you just typed and I have a sneaking suspicion that you may think I am someone else - or at least way more informed in your dramu than I actually am.

I'd love to see her try to make a bullshit call out post for them too. Big real bitties don't face straight on lol that would look fucking weird. I have 5 tattoos and 6 piercings. Too bad she will only end up taking a lot of dick being in Jessica's group of disgusting hoes. One tag would end this bitch and her ridiculous farse. Nothing in that comment said anything remotely close to slut shaming.

Luna is more like K Mart. It's pathetic that these people have nothing better to do with their time. He's so fucking weird that after a year and a half he still tries to stalk her shit and talks it on his twitter with his ex tranny girlfriend who inserts herself into every fucking thread whether she's brought up or not.

She's made hundreds of comments in her own threads and sperged in Momokuns threads multiple times. You girls are fucking crazy and have nothing to fall back on after people get fed up with you. So here's my prescription for how Luna can become a normal girl who is not a mental unstable shitstain on society: Just look at all the girls wearing forever 21 cat ears all the time.

Looking through Luna's follows she's more class than anyone mentioned here. Yes, weed is a drug. Sex stories in tami. So give us something different than makes her worth your attention. Kay's never going to get a restraining order unless she's physically attacked and Luna does it. Is there nudity or pornography? Does she not think herself even worthy enough to have her own merits, she is only capable of being "better than" whichever random cosplayer she is jealous of at the moment?

She fixates on people to a psychotic degree as shown in all of her threads. You guys don't think she has told her fans about this place? Years ago you'd never see camgirls and escorts being pushed so hard.

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I don't get why you waste your talent being a bully. Mommy and son pornhub. Oh right your dumb bitch just moved to a new place in Nashville. Kay's never going to get a restraining order unless she's physically attacked and Luna does it.

Didn't she use the whole "you only have X number of followers so your opinion doesn't matter" argument during that twitter fight she had with Lindze? Pretty sure Luna hasn't done anything as shady as Nigri except tell some cunts to get off her shit.

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I never saw any similarity between Nigri and Luna except white and fake boobs. Again, the reality is that most people wouldn't be comfortable starting a family with a girl that makes her money from guys jerking off to her on the internet. Listen kiddo, you have no idea who I am. Kay bear nude. That aluminum foil belt…. Admin, please mark the IP s. Did you take photos? You are all internet strippers. Mallu aunty navel images. Maybe the crazy bitch is finally getting therapy. Then let's see who's paying Luna's appearance fees to attend con s verses you losers who don't get invited at all or just attend to drink yourselves into a fat stupor lol.

You have ZERO power get use to be trampled on. Her face in the left pic reminds me of old washed up alcoholic porn stars faces, like the girls you see in the subway in NYC at 7am who are frequent walk of shamers.

Oh look, Loonie Lanie bringing up another random girl she's jealous of. He's so fucking weird that after a year and a half he still tries to stalk her shit and talks it on his twitter with his ex tranny girlfriend who inserts herself into every fucking thread whether she's brought up or not. PNG You keep saying "loonie" brings this thread to life when it's really you jealous bitches. Lol too bad edit history is public Loonie.

You all have a vendetta against her but it's just high school drama so get over it and drop it. Join the Comic Revolution! Audrey Blake Teasing 3 days ago - OnlyFans.

Do you think she was molested to pick this sordid life. You need to move on. Tumblr tiny tits video. Cuz there's nothing I see that appears to be a meltdown for her…. Wong is just an egotistical creep that still pretends he's off the boat from china. You're obsessed with her.

My snapchat code changes every month on the 5th, be sure to add the correct month! She's a sad female I feel sorry for her. Photos have been posted so nice try again. They all are trash. It's all so bad. I personally think she is better just doing glamour modeling than any of the cosplay stuff she's doing…she never fits the characters she cosplays and they are always half assed but her glamour and pin up modeling are actually decent. Will you be able to find a husband who doesn't have a problem with a woman who has softcore porn on the internet?

Primarily, the younglings that will grow into this trend. If you hate black girls so much, why you trying to make yourself have black girl features big lips, big ass, always wearing extensions in your hair…. I'm going to assume you're Luna because you probably are. She got popular at 19 and is now 21 yet looks to have aged about 15 years in only 3 years wtf happened???

So when I finally reach and am able to maintain over Patrons I will start making cosplay music videos, both safe for work and LEWD versions! It really looks like a halloween store outfit.

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Next Post Who Wore it better? It's so obvious it's kaybear,momo and Nigri and company of costhots attacking Luna on here. Why do these cows think any of us want to be "relevant"? JPG Kay's been projecting since she started this plugfest and you know she's has this up her poophole look at the goosebumps. When's the last time that happened to you fatties. Ebony lesbian rimming. So much cringe here. Free blonde big tits Kay bear nude. I mean Luna posted screenshots from her own phone and talked abou relationships only she would know about so I really wonder why she hasnt been exposed.

Patreon are fake as fuck. No education with a fan base of minimum wage workers that still live in their mummy's and daddy's basement lmao. You're arguing with yourself for fucks sake. Who would chose to make people in the cosplay community their fam it's disgusting. I really wish I had someone online tell me this same shit 15 years ago because it would've saved me almost two decades worth of pain and abuse and struggle.

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